Vindication Vindication is comic that has clearly come out of the Black Lives Matter movement, focusing on the relationships between poor black people and white cops in LA. The story alternates perspectives between an early thirty-something black man that everyone just assumes is a criminal and murder who belongs in jail, and an early thirty-something... Continue Reading →


The Freeze The Freeze is a series written by Dan Wickline, with art by Philip Sevy, that puts a spin on the last man on Earth trope by giving that last man the ability to bring others back, even though doing so can have severe consequences. So, much as any good science fiction should, the series... Continue Reading →

Fire Fire is written and drawn entirely by Brian Michael Bendis, and is not colored, so this is the first series I've covered entirely handled by a single person. Fire was sort of Bendis' break out hit into the industry. It was one of his earliest works and one of his earliest critical successes. So... Continue Reading →

Midnighter Midnighter was created in the late 90s for the superhero team called Stormwatch, part of a connected universe of comics published by the then independent WildStorm comics. WildStorm would eventually be bought by DC comics, though it's universe would remain mostly autonomous until DC's "The New 52," which would bring those characters into the... Continue Reading →

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